Not Being ‘As Young As Before’

David Aragon
3 min readNov 24, 2021
My Father showing us a cut on his finger. I can’t see the cut, but I’m sure its there. It’s probably a paper cut, those things are small but they hurt. :-)

Hey, so you’re not as young as you were before! Who cares? Mid life crises? It happens. If you really feel the need to buy those bikini underwear like I mentioned before, don’t just surprise your spouse with them one day. You may want to let them ease into seeing you in them. Just one more tip on underwear; stay away from the thong type all together! I have seen some ladies that look really great in thong bikini’s so it is possible to look good, however be honest with yourself! How’s YOUR ass gonna look?! It’s just something about seeing that little thong swallowed up by a flabby butt, I think you get the picture.

Nowadays every woman wears the thong type panties and I don’t think that’s all bad. (The above paragraph still applies; no flabby butts please!) Also, the hip hugger pants, again that’s not bad… IF THEY FIT YOU! I see some women (girls, whatever) that wear hip huggers that should be wearing “blub huggers.” Please, please, please — do not be fashionable at the cost of everyone around you. For heavens sake, I don’t run around with my gut hanging out over my pants, I don’t think that blub should be shown to the public. Keep your blub to your someone special.

It’s weird and funny to see older people and how they dress. I think it would be safe to say that they could care less about current fashion trends. For the most part, I’m sure they just don’t give a shit. That’s not to say they don’t dress nice, it’s just that they’re not out to impress the girls or guys with tight form-fitted jeans and shirts.

I want to be impressive but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on trying to be. I often wear Levi’s and simple shirts. No, fancy loafers with casual slacks and button up shirts but of course I want to look good in what I wear. I’d love to have a nice firm butt, wide shoulders, muscled arms and be great looking. I just do the best I can with what I’ve got — Hey, you’ve got to go with what you got! So, jeans and a shirt — that’s me, after all I am from Alaska* (Oh jeez here I go again). (* The sentence, indicated by the asterisk (*) symbol, was not intended in anyway to put down, cause harm or say that people in Alaska can’t dress nice. Therefore; 1) I didn’t mean to put anyone down and if I did you’d know it. 2) Nor did I mean to cause any harm to anyone, if I wanted to, I always have someone take care of my light work for me. So why don’t you just ease up. Get a grip on life and stop trying to read between the damn lines.)

There’s something to getting older too. With age comes wisdom or so I’ve heard. I’m not that old so I’m not all that wise, but I have my moments. Okay, well I guess those times it was more that I was a ‘wise-ass’ instead of actually having ‘wisdom‘ but again I have to say… go with what you’ve got and no flabby butts with thongs :-)



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