Not Being ‘As Young As Before’

My Father showing us a cut on his finger. I can’t see the cut, but I’m sure its there. It’s probably a paper cut, those things are small but they hurt. :-)

Hey, so you’re not as young as you were before! Who cares? Mid life crises? It happens. If you really feel the need to buy those bikini underwear like I mentioned before, don’t just surprise your spouse with them one day. You may want to let them ease into seeing you in them. Just one more tip on underwear; stay away from the thong type all together! I have seen some ladies that look really great in thong bikini’s so it is possible to…



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David Aragon

Filmmaker, storyteller, and retired military officer. From enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard to working on block buster movies like the Suicide Squad 2.